Wednesday, November 22, 2017

appletini handbag #appletini #velvet

#792 Appletini, in Green Apple Velvet, My kid who is nine now loved the appletini flavor of crystal light that to my knowledge is a discontinued flavor for a few years, recently in the most sincere asking ability, mom i love the appletini will you please buy some more? bless his little heart, I had to smile as I recalled one perplexed chili's waitress as she asked for drink orders and he chimed in (about 4yrs at the time) with I'll have an appletini please and make it a tall one! everything about this bag is soft, a little slouchy and to put it simply, makes me smile

Monday, November 20, 2017

pretty in pink #Andie #Prettyinpink #Duckie

#791 Pretty in Pink, all the pink I could muster is in this vinyl exterior Luxurana bag and it brings me right to its namesake movie. as Andie cut into a vintage prom dress and creates something new I fell in love with that courage to re purpose and see something else out of something already cherished in its first life. When I receive fabric books or any fabric my little heart smiles with wonder of which perfectly lovely piece of fabric will come forth out of those books when I look through them. when I roll my fingers across fabric none take offense that it is not the day, as they know one day it will be and on that day they will shine in my minds eye. and make me smile

Friday, November 17, 2017

let it be #lines #tiffanyblue

#789 Let it Be, tiffany blues turquoise teal ...elsa, cross roads and paths often cross intersect and memories intertwine every day, many we can let go, many we never find, some are to bold to be forgotten or just to strong to deal with those just might be the ones we allow our mind to just Let it Be. I adore many things about this bag, in my mind it evokes a sort of conflict with unity and it makes me smile.

falling sky in red #pockets

#790 Falling Sky, in rusts & reds, a vintage interior fuchsia and mustard swaying florals and birdie, if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops oh what a rain that would be. or maybe this is a mass of geodes yet to be discovered in a treasure trove or a beach of pebbled colors, what ever you see I hope it makes you smile, it sure made me smile

mondrian monochormatic in smoke grey #handbag

#788 Mondrian, a Monochromatic story in Smoke, the texture and lightness of this bag is lovely, like ashes over the sky this bag has a life of its own and will carry anything you put into it with delight.