Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Aboriginal Fabric

 start to finish this Indigenous Aboriginal Fabric Series makes me smile, the fabric was gifted and setn from Australia by LYnn Nerdal

Peculiar Painter

 Peculiar Painter series made from table runners form art work by Jessie Stolzman


 people like Disney, who knew


a series in Chevrons, it made me smile

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

happy birthday #grafitti #party

#800 Happy Birthday, ...TO ME! a question was asked of me what kind of cake do I actually like, uh... I totally do not know? vanilla cherry chip, yellow cake chocolate frosting, or something covered in sprinkles was my genuine answer. Seems I subconsciously combined all those cake flavors into one bag, MY new bag, the exterior fabric is discontinued and a favorite one I have used for a few years, I did the only rational thing and made myself a birthday gift, as the current bag i have loved and used for a few years really needs to be retired to holding papers file system my bags seem to acquire.
...still reading, bless your heart I love you, this is #800 my friends that is a lot of bags to have made in ten years, and even with rock bottom prices for years and a recent price increase I may not be capable to 'hobby' much longer, I already have the most generous friend that I receive fabric books from and now some ends of fabric scraps as well, the book donations alone have been the single factor in the glorious variety in the bags for the last three years i'd say, and the reason I have been able to crank out so many bags the last few years with ease. I'll be more judicious in fabric out right purchase habits and need a lot of good vibes for the good will, garage sale finds and of course any Gifts of fabric will always be welcome. its true 1/2 yard segments get completely utilized around here. and often the weirdest print make the best bags.
I'll elaborate a little more, my love to make them, give them, and in general donate them to a womens shelter, out weighs the rate of people actually purchasing them. It is true there is always someone in my circle or extended circle that seems to know someone that is feeling down, going through a rough patch or could use an uplift, and Luxurana bags have always fit the bill to be useful and bring a smile to someones soul. and often it is a go to gift giving item I resort to, mainly because it is so much of my heart that goes into them, its like writing a soulful card with out using a pen, as long as I can I will continue sewing straight lines as each stitch makes me smile, and I like to smile

update:i gave this perfect bag to some one amazing, i knew while making it was gonna hang with me for  a week and then go to someone else, i'll make myself a similar one :)