Tuesday, September 11, 2018

#cuppa #italy #tote #metalic

#907 Cuppa, The magic of facebook is other people and there vacations or the expressions of things they love on vacation. This little cuppa whatever evoked love for my cousins wife as he trotted his little family to Italy and Rome for 2 weeks to see her family roots there. all the smiles for sharing the the feels and oodles of photos. In this bag there are iron work looking patterns in the handles and old prints, but modern twists that are common. the fun circles add that whimsy of drink deep a cuppa something and take you bake to any table and smile. antique gold brushed statuary bronze color vinyl exterior makes me smile when ever I see it gleam in even the lowest light. interior in scrolling floral. it makes me smile

#scrollprints #blackandwhite #totebag

#906 Scrolling Floral, in black and white, one more bag to head to the Utah division of Luxurana. the intricate pattern on pattern pieces made me happy as they went together, with a smidgen of bright fire engine red, it makes me smile

#chainlink #blackandwhite #tote

#905 Linked, I love this chain link almost looking print and use it when ever I need a bold statement, this little black and white piece is heading out to the Utah division of Luxurana where it will get snatched up I am sure in its first show there this season. I grabbed arm fulls of bags to load in with this bag and I hope they all find lovely homes soon. large pocket is a mini houndstooth and interior in a scroll and floral print. it makes me smile

#orange #sunshine #mexico #totebag

#904 Orange Sunshine, Oh how orange makes me smile and this woven Mexican textile (large front pocket) adds just the right angles. all the colors in this textile makes me happy and of course orange thread makes the day better. interior in flor and leaf pattern mixed colors. it makes me smile

#lilchiquita #mexico

#903 Lil Chiquita, oh yes my little friend its all patchwork and colors just all happiness in this little bag. woven textile from Mexico, interior in red and turquoise medallions. it makes me smile.