Wednesday, November 28, 2018

#Luxurana #916 #GirlScouts

#916 Girl Scouts, the same floral on the in side and out, in a round about black white and green theme of sorts, its super cute and it makes me smile
made and Donated for a girl scout silent auction
not available for sale

Luxurana #915 Mustard

#915 Mustard, Fall colors always seem to pull in this color and this bag with its brown and blue accents just make me giggle a little and think of all the retro living rooms that had this very color combination, the Plush velvet makes me want to find a chair in this fabric and find a book to soak into my brain. this bag makes me smile.

Luxurana #914 First Snow

#914 First Snow, A Plush, Directional velvet this exterior shines a frosty silver mint or a velvety rich sea foam turquoise, either way you look at it, it shines like the first snow of the year, crisp and clear as everything struggles under a fresh blanket of cold. large front pocket, printed linen, interior a black and white floral.

Luxurana #913 October Maze

#913 October Maze, I appreciate October to a high level, and to be honest as the years go by my love of Orange only intensifies. Rusty's Originals Upholstery, Inc. is where all these fabrics and accent fabrics originated, and now found a place to be reused in my studio. I sort of love every part of this bag, and love even more that I can make a bag and not think about it and have it make me smile, and turn around use the same fabrics and have a bag look completely different, Im certain the maze flocked fabric was destined for many bags but it came to a full stop when I was pulling fabrics and it jumped right out and had to be used on this bag. And when that happens there is no saving it for something down the road, Learned that one day when I tried to use a piece for something else later and then had to go back and re make a bag I was working on a day later and put in the fabric i was going to save for something...once I made the change all was right in my world. Just a random note into the mind of making bags, I use what I have on hand and am always happy to use even my most favorite pieces of fabric. This bag makes me smile.

Luxurana #912 Upgrade

#912 Upgrade, when you do custom work sometimes you just have give those special request an upgrade, this case it is the only piece of burgundy reclaimed leather I had, and its perfect. The fabric that inspires is the large front pocket a print that reaches out and hugs me and did the same for this gal. it is a discontinued print and makes it all the more special to use the last pieces of it in a bag. I know it will be loved and it makes me smile. Interior pocket also had a small tweak, a reinforced four pocket doterra oil pocket.
custom request not avail for sale