Tuesday, December 13, 2011


these were on the rack after the "problem" photo shoot,
they were jealous and wanted a picture too


front and backs


jessica caught

me sewing

and simply


have a



these were posted on face book and resulted in having 23 bags find new homes and all the donations collected are going for a good holiday cause


these two were crazy, but found perfect homes for them


more bags that have found happy homes


love these two bags, one is living in canada,
not sure where the one in the back of the photo went


i always like the backs just as much ans the front sides


all of these were in ashley blakes scribblin sisters shop a few years back,
all of which have found homes

Friday, December 9, 2011


for kathy pyper
a purple and pink request as been filled, and will go this week to live with a great lady
that front panel has a deep purple with dusty green, it looks grey here but really is a green tone, the back is a deep purple


I like color was the request from Jen Robinson
it is too bad it did not photograph alittle better, the large front pocket has an undertone of gold metalic and all the color seems to blend and mix, and the tapestry fabric came from my grandma so I am especially glad this bag went to someone who really loves it!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


the first six,
which put me on a path to finding what I truly love to do...
with over 160 made I really can say that I love to make them.


always a good day when a friend must have ten bags and leaves a nice cash donation


this set went to Connecticut for my grandma to pass out to all the people who she loves and often come by to visit and give her rides to stores and appointments


20 scripture totes w/one pocket for the precious little people in the Nursery at church.


3 generations of bags.
mother daughter and granddaughter
teal asian interior for the daughter and contemporary circle and brown...
western tooled leather for the mother and the front large circle fabric reminded me of wagon wheels...
the lime accent colors for the granddaughter...