Friday, August 3, 2012


a deep purple bag for lorraine taylor, her reply to an inquiry a scout leader had as troy was marking off in WY a swim requirement  (he's got natural talent) so that he could attend scout camp with chance, her reply was google 'mark taylor' and that will explain it. ~i am still trying to be a the friend to others that you were to me personally and to our family mark. as always ~"burgers, baskin robbins cake, muscle milk, kfc, shamWOW"~all items mark has dropped off at the house randomly after a conversation, and all after 10p.m. of course, and usually he was in stealth mode while sneaking up the sidewalk, i bust up laughing when ever i think of any of these things delivered in such a manner. i just love that i can see his gleaming face and smile every time i think of it.

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  1. Beautiful words by a beautiful lady. All I can add is AMEN!