Tuesday, August 4, 2015

christa elyce

a mother and daughter bag set inspired from the many pictures from your carnival themed wedding reception in soft blue turquoise reds and whites of course, it is almost funny that you being a photographer I have the worst blurring picture, hence the reason so many need your fantabulus skills at there own wedding.

i sent another bag to you on a whim and recall it was light in color with some lavender and pastel yellowy type design? but and vaguely recall you posted a picture of it someplace and hung it on a stick, .....I adopted that method here in colorado and it makes a nice photo op, instead of the previous, back of the door handle, lol

 and here is a bag that i adore and made specifically for you the crown detail on the back was what hooked it for me to make and send your way. i enjoyed making it christa because it looked like the style you were into at the time, and that is a lesson i learned from gleaning confidence from you, you know what you like and always have a vision and willing to change what is around you to accommodate or update your style ... i am now much more confident in what i like and don't like and willing to put aside and wait for what i really want in many areas of life.

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