Sunday, August 23, 2015


 Elisa i hope you like it, correction I hope you love it...
 i was told no likes or specific dislikes for this bag, just to have fun with it, kinda not fair to have no direction, so i hope it went in a good one...
i would analyze why I put certain things together, but this one was sole basis of guess work and conjecture from only knowing this gal from about three fb posts i have seen, yet she seems like the amazing cool gracious open accepting twisted perfect person i was hoping would come into my dear friends life, of whom i cherish dearly. trying to keep it light and bright this bubble print in green and turquoise seemed to do the trick, adding in elements that remind me of nature and outdoorsy, and then an overall almost Indian theme took over,  and the small front pocket woven in deep barn red looked like a sunburst Indian 'feather' headdress to me. the tell tale sign of a custom special made for some one bag, is the five rows of stitching on the handles, generally there are just three
*let me also add guess work isn't completely accurate, it was more inspired than just guessing, but that is also awkward to say, I have used the bubble print before but it was completely different color story than this one, but i knew i was on a good track, but dang those insecurities and doubt instantly creep in. In waiting for approval from giving a gift from the heart, anticipating the worst yet leery and hopeful for the best, 
likely a life lesson in that. 
update: "on point!!" "perfect" was the verdict when i gave
 Elisa and Amon a sneak peak via this post
just sent out crazy keychains in the same sort of colors as Elisa's bag, what Amon does with them is up to him, my suggestion is the snow blower might need a key chain but what eves,
 now the gift is complete with something for him and her

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