Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Luxurana named

  a friends daughter put the name to my bags years and years ago 
how i recall the story is that I mentioned on face book or someplace that i made bags and didnt know what to call them, i had several suggestions and for some reason the look of Luxurana a mix of the word luxury (as so much of the fabric in the bags were luxury fabrics) and my name, i often friends tell the kids to go grab the rana bag when they are looking for the kids to bring the specific bag,
Funny fact : i hardly can pronounce the name Luxurana
it seems i just like the way it looks

for picking the winning suggestion i sent out a bag, the top two pics has the bag she picked the one on the very far left in both pics, (in the early game of bag making i did alot of dual sided bags just so i could use more fabric :) ) 
atleast from my memory i believe that is the one i sent, it was alittle chic retro with the large flower on the back is why i recall it as being the one i sent

this grey silver and black bag went to her mom, an added gift, from what i recall of her response was that it reflected well her style and liked the way i put things together, it was a great bag with silk pockets and linings etc. where that bag is now is anyones guess

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