Saturday, August 29, 2015


 my mom wanted to order ten bags, so i sent her twelve, and instantly needed one more that i am sending out today, i laugh when i wrapped it in paper it looked like a bag too.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

yellow request

 Kate from Rusty's Upholstery called and said she had some books for me, and requested a yellow bag for a friend, i got right to work
 It is a happy bag and hope that when it is given at Christmas it will be well received
 interior is a robert allen piece called citrine and the two fabrics on the handle were the two snippets left in a book, unavailable and were fabrics Kate had wanted to make a blanket for this person, so a bag inspired by them will have to do.
two boxes of fabric books were quickly torn apart, fabric stacked, and the parts in the recycle bin

Sunday, August 23, 2015


 Elisa i hope you like it, correction I hope you love it...
 i was told no likes or specific dislikes for this bag, just to have fun with it, kinda not fair to have no direction, so i hope it went in a good one...
i would analyze why I put certain things together, but this one was sole basis of guess work and conjecture from only knowing this gal from about three fb posts i have seen, yet she seems like the amazing cool gracious open accepting twisted perfect person i was hoping would come into my dear friends life, of whom i cherish dearly. trying to keep it light and bright this bubble print in green and turquoise seemed to do the trick, adding in elements that remind me of nature and outdoorsy, and then an overall almost Indian theme took over,  and the small front pocket woven in deep barn red looked like a sunburst Indian 'feather' headdress to me. the tell tale sign of a custom special made for some one bag, is the five rows of stitching on the handles, generally there are just three
*let me also add guess work isn't completely accurate, it was more inspired than just guessing, but that is also awkward to say, I have used the bubble print before but it was completely different color story than this one, but i knew i was on a good track, but dang those insecurities and doubt instantly creep in. In waiting for approval from giving a gift from the heart, anticipating the worst yet leery and hopeful for the best, 
likely a life lesson in that. 
update: "on point!!" "perfect" was the verdict when i gave
 Elisa and Amon a sneak peak via this post
just sent out crazy keychains in the same sort of colors as Elisa's bag, what Amon does with them is up to him, my suggestion is the snow blower might need a key chain but what eves,
 now the gift is complete with something for him and her

Thursday, August 20, 2015

emily m.

 emily saw mrs. busy blake some where with her bag and sent a message in request of a bag like hers , but with gray , this bag is roomy aprox 15x15 in with 3 in gusset and 15 1/2 in hang from shoulder to top of the bag

adding some bright lavender to the large gray pocket it mixed the two perfectly and making my own textiles to use what i  have instead of purcahses one square of fabric is great.
the small piece of fabric in the handle is from my gram and am always happy to use a little piece of it when i can. a light grey purples and black strips satin interior make a nice soft landing for what ever will go inside, the interior wall of bag where pockets are reinforced with internal layer of Egyptian cotton

jill g.

 jill goldstien has this bag, she dropped by recently to say hello and held it up with a smile and said look its my bag i take everywhere now, its even big enough to hold my husbands ipad and stuff, lol

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

wendy to wendy

 I added bright lavender to the scroll on the tan and black fabric , 
it is a true rana original textile :)
 hopefully large enough to fit a pile of younique make up items
 the bag is a gift from wendy b. to her friend karen b.
 the fabric in the handle floral with teal/turquoise in it is a favorite piece of fabric from my grandma holgerson, i am always thrilled when i can find a bag to use it

the small pocket was fabric from a vintage suite coat beaut fully made designer label , but worked even better in this bag, lol 
a black interior sets off the flocked scroll work on this piece of linen

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


these bags look nothing alike but look good together in this picture, 
it reminds me of having good friends and complimenting each other.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


81% sure this is the black and white bag wendy b. had me make for her daughter going off to college a few years back.
in any case it was something black & white 

 and these three wendy requested to have on hand for a baby shower or something 

J. brown

this bag lives with J brown ....atleast i think this is the one she has, lol

Luxurana named

  a friends daughter put the name to my bags years and years ago 
how i recall the story is that I mentioned on face book or someplace that i made bags and didnt know what to call them, i had several suggestions and for some reason the look of Luxurana a mix of the word luxury (as so much of the fabric in the bags were luxury fabrics) and my name, i often friends tell the kids to go grab the rana bag when they are looking for the kids to bring the specific bag,
Funny fact : i hardly can pronounce the name Luxurana
it seems i just like the way it looks

for picking the winning suggestion i sent out a bag, the top two pics has the bag she picked the one on the very far left in both pics, (in the early game of bag making i did alot of dual sided bags just so i could use more fabric :) ) 
atleast from my memory i believe that is the one i sent, it was alittle chic retro with the large flower on the back is why i recall it as being the one i sent

this grey silver and black bag went to her mom, an added gift, from what i recall of her response was that it reflected well her style and liked the way i put things together, it was a great bag with silk pockets and linings etc. where that bag is now is anyones guess

deanna & destiny

 deanna always desired to name a daughter destiny and on 11:11:11 she got her wish 
she is loved and protected by her four older brothers 
the pink bag has the added detail of two small D's that i ironed on, i likely put them onthe straps?
 but the matching little bean bag frog to match the bag was that added fun touch

caitlin & jenny

to the left is a bag i CAitlin cannon fagan picked out years ago, she was leaving for new york or some fun thing and she had recently sung a song in a youth young women program and it just touched my heart i cannot tell or recall the words but the etching of the feeling i had when she sang was mesmerizing and the shed for tears, tears that made em feel the love of our savior and confidence to continue on the path that i have chosen and the ability and strength to change thing that want to change, this was at least five years ago and i still see this picture and think of her

to the right is a bag that my dear friend sister in Christ jenny has utilized it and loved it well while in her possession she has many more in her possession but this is one of the first

gena g.

a lovely friend sister n christ & mentor gena g. picked this bag out to send to her sister. I recall i had made it days before and the soft woven fabric in the large floral pint was so nice for a bag, i purchased that fabric at hobby lobby and quickly used all of the yardage that i purchased.... it might be time to visit hobby lobby again

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

christa elyce

a mother and daughter bag set inspired from the many pictures from your carnival themed wedding reception in soft blue turquoise reds and whites of course, it is almost funny that you being a photographer I have the worst blurring picture, hence the reason so many need your fantabulus skills at there own wedding.

i sent another bag to you on a whim and recall it was light in color with some lavender and pastel yellowy type design? but and vaguely recall you posted a picture of it someplace and hung it on a stick, .....I adopted that method here in colorado and it makes a nice photo op, instead of the previous, back of the door handle, lol

 and here is a bag that i adore and made specifically for you the crown detail on the back was what hooked it for me to make and send your way. i enjoyed making it christa because it looked like the style you were into at the time, and that is a lesson i learned from gleaning confidence from you, you know what you like and always have a vision and willing to change what is around you to accommodate or update your style ... i am now much more confident in what i like and don't like and willing to put aside and wait for what i really want in many areas of life.


 i do believe this bag went to ashley r. who despite the lack of messenger style strap wore it with a smile and every time i saw it, it was stuff full :)


this bag is with colleen in houston texas, too bad i dont recall what he straps looked like, i suspect in the grey and blue range, lol

tanner's bear

 my daughter wanted to make a little bear for a new relative, tanner
she used scraped i had around so naturally i had to make a diaper bag to send with it