Tuesday, November 28, 2017

happy birthday #grafitti #party

#800 Happy Birthday, ...TO ME! a question was asked of me what kind of cake do I actually like, uh... I totally do not know? vanilla cherry chip, yellow cake chocolate frosting, or something covered in sprinkles was my genuine answer. Seems I subconsciously combined all those cake flavors into one bag, MY new bag, the exterior fabric is discontinued and a favorite one I have used for a few years, I did the only rational thing and made myself a birthday gift, as the current bag i have loved and used for a few years really needs to be retired to holding papers file system my bags seem to acquire.
...still reading, bless your heart I love you, this is #800 my friends that is a lot of bags to have made in ten years, and even with rock bottom prices for years and a recent price increase I may not be capable to 'hobby' much longer, I already have the most generous friend that I receive fabric books from and now some ends of fabric scraps as well, the book donations alone have been the single factor in the glorious variety in the bags for the last three years i'd say, and the reason I have been able to crank out so many bags the last few years with ease. I'll be more judicious in fabric out right purchase habits and need a lot of good vibes for the good will, garage sale finds and of course any Gifts of fabric will always be welcome. its true 1/2 yard segments get completely utilized around here. and often the weirdest print make the best bags.
I'll elaborate a little more, my love to make them, give them, and in general donate them to a womens shelter, out weighs the rate of people actually purchasing them. It is true there is always someone in my circle or extended circle that seems to know someone that is feeling down, going through a rough patch or could use an uplift, and Luxurana bags have always fit the bill to be useful and bring a smile to someones soul. and often it is a go to gift giving item I resort to, mainly because it is so much of my heart that goes into them, its like writing a soulful card with out using a pen, as long as I can I will continue sewing straight lines as each stitch makes me smile, and I like to smile

update:i gave this perfect bag to some one amazing, i knew while making it was gonna hang with me for  a week and then go to someone else, i'll make myself a similar one :)

little fashion girl #fashionista #pink

#799 little Fashionista, weeks and months have gone by with no sign of the perfect something for the fashionista niece, I hope her fashion dreams take her to LONDON PARIS NEWYORK to see the lovely clothes that lines those streets, she is and old soul and the most complementary little thing I have ever met. she is an exuberant detailer of words as is her mother, it makes me smile to find the right mix of things to have a gift ready to send her way for the holidays, truth be told I needed something to hold a pack of stickers her uncle purchased for her like two years ago i and i keep losing...i found the stickers so finger crossed they make it to the destination together. all hail little miss pretty princess I hope i get a thumbs up for my efforts. rose gold faux suede pocket and other details to make one swoon, the secret is lined in the pocket with bunnies and cute kittens. pictures don't do this cute little thing justice, this bag makes me smile
to be gifted, not for public sale

Sunday, November 26, 2017

blue handbag #bigblue #elsa

#798 Blue, interior has small flora in green pink and blue perfect to tie in the trio of bags, it makes me smile
custom request not for public sale

pink floral #handbag #pink

all sorts of pink accents in brown and lime it makes me smile, custom request not for sale

green flowers #floral #luckoftheirish

#796 Green, big green flowers make this bag something to smile about, interior has scrolls bursting chrysanthemum looking flowers and butterfly's, it makes me smile
a custom request not for sale

Saturday, November 25, 2017

sunny #yellow #smile

#795 Sunny-side, yellow white ochre, I really love any form of yellow bag and the fact I never have any in stock I think other people love them too. I think it is just the excuse anyone needs to look on the sunny-side of any day and bring your things along with you in a smile, and certainly if things are not going as planned you can look at a bag like this and put a smile on your face, it light up a room, a vertical chevron, a chain link exterior of sorts. It makes me smile

Friday, November 24, 2017

the healer #intricate #celtic

#794 the Healer, cobalt ruby and brown with an intricate pattern and other colors are traced into this bag and in a word it is Love. the tender heart of one that toils and troubles to languish and put in the daily grind to heal others is amazing, this bag was commissioned for such a person. I hope I do this Dr. justice. with the intricate lattice of bold primary colors and secondary colors to boot i would draw the parallel that patients are like this as well, she must draw in so many types of people every day and find the right path to take them to a healing journey, the Celtic knot on the large front pocket reminds me in a way of the never ending sacrifices one in the healing field takes on, oaths and hours of study to put ones heart and mind in the public eye. this bag was made for someone I don't know, but through the words of another I am sure it will find it way and the meaning behind it. Exterior is in a cotton duck printed pattern, and interior is a lovely elegant ruby pattern on pattern sort of eye motif, i love it, it makes me smile
custom request not for public sale

woodland streams #purple #treebark

#793 Woodland Streams, ever walk in the forest and wonder what the forest is thinking, i like this bag for the textures and look, it suddenly reminded me of childhood walks and explores, the magic of tree bark or watching a creek and water babbling through it for hours. this bag is in a custom color palatte of browns and purples, true the nature of a forest walk this bag also doesn't reveal it secrets very well in just a pictures it is much more vibrant rich and wonderful in person, it had glints of gold in the front pocket that just seem to currently hide. Just like a walk and sojourn through those life paths, hard to articulate and always best when seen through ones own eyes. Exterior in durable upholstery in dotted ring pattern, interior in colored pebble printed cotton. Even if it does not photo perfectly this bag makes me smile.
Custom color request not available for sale

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

appletini handbag #appletini #velvet

#792 Appletini, in Green Apple Velvet, My kid who is nine now loved the appletini flavor of crystal light that to my knowledge is a discontinued flavor for a few years, recently in the most sincere asking ability, mom i love the appletini will you please buy some more? bless his little heart, I had to smile as I recalled one perplexed chili's waitress as she asked for drink orders and he chimed in (about 4yrs at the time) with I'll have an appletini please and make it a tall one! everything about this bag is soft, a little slouchy and to put it simply, makes me smile

Monday, November 20, 2017

pretty in pink #Andie #Prettyinpink #Duckie

#791 Pretty in Pink, all the pink I could muster is in this vinyl exterior Luxurana bag and it brings me right to its namesake movie. as Andie cut into a vintage prom dress and creates something new I fell in love with that courage to re purpose and see something else out of something already cherished in its first life. When I receive fabric books or any fabric my little heart smiles with wonder of which perfectly lovely piece of fabric will come forth out of those books when I look through them. when I roll my fingers across fabric none take offense that it is not the day, as they know one day it will be and on that day they will shine in my minds eye. and make me smile

Friday, November 17, 2017

let it be #lines #tiffanyblue

#789 Let it Be, tiffany blues turquoise teal ...elsa, cross roads and paths often cross intersect and memories intertwine every day, many we can let go, many we never find, some are to bold to be forgotten or just to strong to deal with those just might be the ones we allow our mind to just Let it Be. I adore many things about this bag, in my mind it evokes a sort of conflict with unity and it makes me smile.

falling sky in red #pockets

#790 Falling Sky, in rusts & reds, a vintage interior fuchsia and mustard swaying florals and birdie, if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops oh what a rain that would be. or maybe this is a mass of geodes yet to be discovered in a treasure trove or a beach of pebbled colors, what ever you see I hope it makes you smile, it sure made me smile

mondrian monochormatic in smoke grey #handbag

#788 Mondrian, a Monochromatic story in Smoke, the texture and lightness of this bag is lovely, like ashes over the sky this bag has a life of its own and will carry anything you put into it with delight.

rocky mountain sky #pockets #blues #vinyl

#787 Rocky Mountain Sky, in the perfect dusky blue vinyl, I had a room in Texas for 13 years in a similar perfect blue, hazy when the light was cool and soft when the light was low, I never entered that room once and had those walls scream or irritate a migraine, always a place to soothe my eyes. I now live and can actually look at the real life inspiration for that paint color named Rocky Mountain Sky, often deep blues take the range or even a tad of teal, generally specks of snow or rock break up the visual. today was the hazy look tomorrow it will likely be crystal clear whatever the case for the outside view has going on all i can say is i love the reference this bag brings to my mind. this bag makes me smile

Sunday, November 5, 2017

rosey posey

#785 Rosey Posey, from a simple printed Waverly pattern to a few tapestry works this pile of roses has it all ...Inside and out. the tangerine and raspberry candy stripes in the small pocket especially make me smile as it reminds me of the circus rose that i am always happy to get a glimpse of in a store, it just happened to suit this pile of fabric. with all the deep reds it seems I am ready to jump in to fall and eat an apple. this bag makes makes me smile

Thursday, November 2, 2017

alice in wonderland #dandelion #tigerlily #charchoalgray #784

#784 Tiger Lilies & Dandelions, Charcoal Gray, Taupe, Black, it all came together with a bit of houndstooth, interior is a soft suiting houndtooth plaid. the exterior fabric mesmerizes me, I've looked at it on both sides and have used both sides for a Luxurana bag, today i used the darker background and i love it, the scrolling leaves and floral remind ME of the tiger lily and dandelion flowers in the Alice in Wonder Land movie, this bag even has a dandelion silhouette in the handle, so one can always be ready to make a wish. it mixes whimsy and elegance in a handy dandy tote bag, it makes me smile

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

#branches #red #fine #print #783 #Luxurana

#783 Fine Print, when little birdies sing and you don't listen and you don't read the fine print it sure can make situations tricky. always listen to the the voice that can chime in and keep you from disaster, the fine detailing on the exterior of this bag always makes me smile, loving the branch effect, look onthe inside to find a lost flock of birds waiting to find a place to perch, untill you find them they have plenty of things to read int eh circles of news all around them. its a fun easy every day bag for nearly any occasion. it makes me smile

#leopard #cheetah #bigcat

#772 Big Cat, in a stylized small print, the mash up here is mainly leopard a little cheetah made it to the mix as well , a Kate Spade bag originally inspired me, the soft large pocket is dreamy and the interior ...well its rare that i match the interior with the exterior, it called for something special, this bag is truly one of a kind and have no material left for a remix. doing a big cat theme justice, it makes me smile
was custom request

#bestie #botanical

#771 Bestie, all the botanical floral color and more that you could ask in a bag is here, just like any wonderful bestie it can hold all your secrets. it makes me smile

#mintchip #chocolate

#773 Mint Chip, simple lovely soft greens and just the right amount of chocolates in this bag, interior in mint and grey scroll pattern, it makes me smile

#pinnaple #blue #tribal

#774 Psych, it took me an awesome year to realize this print had a pineapple in it, i love how this blue and white with a hint of sand mash up turned out, it makes me smile

Sunday, October 29, 2017

winter wheat #zebra #rana

#782 Winter Wheat, crossroads in warm gold and bright yellow all the wild mustards you could ask for in one place, as traditional with winter wheat it is planted now to be ready and harvested in late spring, I hope i am continuing to nurture and plant good seeds of contented happiness around me even as I wander through my own vast fields of life I at least like to overview the expanse of experiences as things i can draw upon to give others some light or importantly lift my own self up out of a lonely spot. this bag isnt as large as some that have been made the last year it sort of the old school first generation size, but that's okay it brings me back to when i made them closer to this size and to be honest i use this smaller size myself. gold exterior material obtained at Rusty's.  it is a wonderful accent to any outfit, i love the warm and bright tone of this bag, it makes me smile

Friday, October 27, 2017

#beatlejuice and #zebra #stripes #rana

 #650 the yin and yang black and white beatlejuice zebra stripes, it makes me smile. it even had a photo shoot with moi mack in jan 2017 it was fabulous at every angle
currently available on etsy

Marry Poppins Carpet Bag

#743 Marry Poppins, tapestry upholstery the small pocket is just a random favorite stripe fabric i had a small piece of, its all in brown, orange turquoise green, any excuse to use orange thread is a good sewing day. this hearty joyful bag makes me smile.
https://www.etsy.com/shop/Luxurana now on etsy


#747 Harvey, It was a Rain maker, and the after math is devastating, this bag is like those piles of mucked out homes the debris of life, a jumble, chaos, and heartbreaking to look at. Look in closer and you see the lovely, the memories, the helping hands, neighbors helping neighbors, and strangers reaching out, that put those piles together or people in boats. I have some favorite fabric scraps in this bag they are treasures to me, this bag makes me smile.
no new content till after sept. 20ish I have some life to take care of, many Luxurana bags filled with letters of encouragement, lularue leggings , special soft tshirts and a gift cards will be mailed out in that time as well. smiles for miles, I know they will be received with joy.
https://www.etsy.com/shop/Luxurana avail on etsy

Caterpillar #741

#741 Caterpillar, If I were a caterpillar and had to transform into a Luxruana bag I think this would be it. the flocked chenille pattern on the large front pocket to the dark back drop holding the botanical linen print and the random dot pocket make me smile, and since life seems like a mix of Junglebook and Tarzan movies lately I think this bag would hang out perfectly on any occasion, the touch of turqoise just side by side with the green reds golds and black and then have a sturdy raw canvas interior that one could actually paint or write on just makes me swoon every time I touch it. It makes me smile
https://www.etsy.com/shop/Luxurana now on etsy

Send in the clowns #688

#688 Send in the Clowns, just the right amount of cheetah interior murder of crows and exterior Rainbow upholstery to last the lifetime of any totebag, flowers and black swirls in my favorite velvety fabric grace the large front pocket, It just happened to be up next in the swatch to cut off, sewn with purple thread. This bag makes me smile.
avail on etsy upon request

Sprinkles #689

#689 Sprinkles, something so fun, this reminds me of all the unicorns tea parties, swirls, and merry-go-rounds in this one of a kind bag, I want to use it and say 'It's so fluffy' a line from despicable me. this bag wanted to be made and came together in a multicolor flash, with its orchid color thread, It makes me smile ...and currently avail on etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/Luxurana

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Contemporary & Damask

contemporary and damask prints in white and coral reds this bags is fun for so many things. a few chevron accents set off this Luxruana bag in just the right manner, it makes me smile
this bag is currently avail on etsy

#777 Big Blue, a mike rowe story

#777 comes from a story i heard Mike Rowe tell about his mom losing her big blue purse at walmart, i love the brainy pattern on this textile and love even more that i often have the imagery from the story in my mind when i go to walmart, all of the blues combined, it makes me smile
avail soon on etsy


avail soon on etsy #776 as seen on fb is in the colors of corn stalk teal and rust, it is a great big bag and lovely for any thing. you can take Luxurana bags any where, it makes me smile


this is all about the toasted chocloate S'more this is #775

Saturday, October 7, 2017


BOO!  this bag n perssimon black and silver whites is almost to awesome to put up for sale, the cherry blossom detail is just to swoon over. I love it , it makes me smile